What is the difference between regular oil and oil-sealer?

Take a look at how different oil-sealed flooring reacts to common household spillages, compared to regularly oiled floors.

Beseitigung eines Rostflecks vom Ölsiegel

Is regular oil enough? We believe, a professionally applied oil-sealer is substancially better at making oak floors resistant against stains and other contamination. Just take a look at this video of a year old rust-stain caused by an antique iron shelf and how easy it was to remove.

Our factory in Graz, Austria

Take a little look at how we produce our special oak floors at our factory in Graz, Austria. 

A catastrophic water flooding caused by a broken pipe

This client had his floor submerged in water for 48 hours until it was fully removed. It was then solely dried from below, nothing was damaged and nothing had to be replaced. Our oil sealer did a great job.