Our unique collections

relief 3D and traditional floorboards

lovingly aged with fire

unique patterns made to measure

warm and sound absorbing

Oiled planks are offered everywhere. The difference is not only the price, but also the quality. Floors with a length of 1,860 mm or a width of 189 mm come from China and are known for their short life and high maintenance - a daring investment for a permanently installed building element that is supposed to last for many years.

We produce our floors in strict compliance with our quality standards. So most of our products are completely maintenance-free - forever - not just for a short period. No time-consuming cleaning with two buckets - one for fresh water and one for dirty water etc.. Also, a small mishap, e.g. a dropped kernel oil bottle, does not immediately lead to total failure.

Floor coverings have a decisive influence on how homely and friendly the home appears. They are an important aspect of interior design. Wooden floors from the Oak Factory are particularly cosy.

Our parquet floors come from our own production, using only oak wood from sustainable forestry. They are available in many different finishes and designs. The natural appearance transforms any room into a cosy retreat. Whether for the hallway, kitchen, guest room, study or living room: our homely oak floors are ideally suited for installation indoors, beautifying the home all along the line - even in the bathroom.

Buy parquet flooring with added value: Oak wood floors are extremely durable and hard-wearing, they can withstand everyday wear and tear permanently. With fairly little maintenance, they look as homely and colourful even after a long time as they do immediately after installation. They also have a positive effect on the living climate. The wood continuously absorbs moisture, which it slowly releases into the ambient air.
Especially people who struggle with dry heating air in winter can be happy about this.