Relief 3D

Relief 3D Dielen

Die tiefe Struktur der Relief 3D Kollektion lässt sich am besten Barfuß erkunden.

Relief 3D


Was sind die Unterschiede zwischen den Relief 3D Dielen und den traditionellen Landhausdielen?

Relief 3D traditional planks
Relief 3D, tief gebürstet
leicht gebürstet
15 mm
13 / 14 / 15 mm
3,6 mm
2,5 - 3,6 mm
gemischt, 158 - 280 mm
Fixbreite: 192 mm
2400 mm ohne Starterlängen
1830 - 2430 mm, abhängig vom Bestand mit 20 % Starterlängen

Our naturally dried Relief 3D surfaces receive natural deformations that occur during gentle drying. The differences in density of the wood branch area result in a very natural appearance. Partly by saw marks, partly without, strongly structured, impressive surfaces are created. Cracks and small holes are filled with natural, traditional fillers made from biological materials. After that the surface gets sanded and cleaned entirely by hand. We then apply stains, usually without the addition of pigments, which react with the tannins (tannic acids) of the oak to produce natural colours ranging from grey to brown. The protective coating of our air-dried oils and varnishes will last for many years and can be repaired locally if necessary.